San Diego: Week One

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It’s been a week in San Diego, and I’m really liking my new job.  I took a job with the University of California, San Diego’s Medical Center as the lead trainer for the Information Systems’ Customer Service department.  To date I’ve learned where all the training rooms are, who I’m working with, and what the Information Systems management has in store for me. 


The campus is huge, or rather very spread out.  The University of Utah has campuses all over the Salt Lake Valley (and a couple of other locations in Utah), but nothing like UCSD.  Not that it’s a bad thing, but with UCSD, travel for training is definitely required.  I have one campus on in Hillcrest (between Seaworld and Old Town, roughly), and the main campus at La Jolla (which has a beautiful beach, by the way).  There are a couple of other locations as well, so being mobile is necessary.  Thank goodness for my motorcycle, is all I can say.  ^_^


The department handles all the computer questions and issues for the UCSD Medical Center and employees.  They hired me because, much like many other medical centers and doctor’s offices across the country, the University has seen more Macintosh computers creep in.  As such, they found that they are required to provide support for them (especially as many are senior executives).  Also, tablets are becoming more common, so things like iPads and Android devices are growing in popularity.  


So now I’m looking for houses, town homes, condos or apartments that are within my budget, and then I will start looking at schools.  After all, that’s why we looked into moving to San Diego in the first place: the opportunity for children with Autism. 


Well, that and the beach. ^_^