Weekend in Salt Lake

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This last weekend I flew home to visit my family for the first time in several weeks. It was great to see the kids and my wife, to visit with my parents and siblings, and to generally be with the family. I was worried that I might end up liking it so much that I might just stay.. but fortunately it just got me all the more anxious to have my family move out with me. So what did we do with the family? First, we went to the Hogle Zoo. It's a fun place for the boys, as we used to have a membership there and spent a lot of time watching the animals. It was a blast, and tired out the boys pretty well. Then we took a drive up the canyon. I wanted to head up the canyon before I moved to San Diego, but didn't get a chance. This time we made it. We went up to Park City and around into Heber for lunch. I really like Heber City.. It's not at all like Park City, and that's the way the locals like it. On the main road into Heber, there is a little drive in called Granny's. It's well known for it's shakes and burgers. They used to have battered "English-style chips", but they've stopped making them, apparently. But we stopped and had a great lunch. The boys were not that hungry and so didn't eat their grilled cheese sandwiches, but I had a great "Donkey burger" (basically a bleu cheese bacon burger with Cajun seasoning on the meat), and a German Chocolate shake. We continued down past Deer Creek to Orem, and back home. My oldest got a little restless, but the youngest fell asleep, and I called that mission accomplished. We did a little shopping, and then hung out at home. On Sunday night I flew back home to San Diego. I was expecting to get in about 10:45 PST, and then get home by 11:30 or so. Well, as we get on the plane, everyone settled down and ready to go, the flight attendant announced we have to get off because the plane is broken, and then get loaded up on another plane. It was, by this time, 9:45, when our flight was slated to leave. I figured we would be leaving an hour late. We boarded the next plane, and sure enough, we flew in an hour late. It turned out there was an issue with the thruster not stowing properly on the previous plane, which meant the plane was not safe to fly. Still, I made it home by 12:30 pm, just in time to crash and make it back to work this morning.The weekend was fun, refreshing, and I enjoyed it. Now, I'm looking forward to this weekend: back to the beach. Four more weekends before my family moves out with me, and I can't wait.