Never Forget 9/11

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September 11th will always remain burned into my memory. I remember the sunrise shining against the dry field to my left as I drove up the street from my home to the freeway. I remember the little Geo Metro shifting into gear as I turned on the radio for my morning news. From that moment, everything changed from a routine drive to my Ancient Greek class at the University of Utah to one of quiet, focus, and horror. I suppose once in a generation there is an event that reminds us about the inhumanity of which humans are capable. This will always be my reminder. But it was also a brief, shining moment in American politics, a shift from the gloating of the Republicans and the venom of the Democrats over the recent win of the presidency of George W. Bush. Almost at once, Congress put aside their petty differences and we as Americans united in support for each other. Things have, of course, changed, with perhaps even more venom being spewed forth by both parties while blaming each other for the "rise in negativity". We as a nation have fallen into attack after attack, personal and professional, on each other and their related party. Things have grown ugly this year, but again, on September 11th, both campaigns have suspended their rhetoric and vitriol in remembrance of this day when we as Americans were able to, for once at least, remember who we are and who we could be when united.I hope we all can learn something from this day of remembrance and service. Let's hope we find a reason to remember that those who have different political views are people not pundits, neighbors not villains, and friends not foes. Because that is what September 11th has taught me: we are all Americans, but only when we choose to be.