Apple Wish List 2013

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Apple is about to announce their latest and greatest OS and, possibly, new hardware at WWDC. Normally, at this time of year I would be listing out expectations about upgrades, releases, and add to the speculation. But this year, I want to focus on things that I really want to see done, and done well with what is already available. Apple TV This is perhaps the one constant update I have wanted to see in years. The Apple TV has been out since March 2007, and I have owned each generation since. The first generation was an answer to a prayer, providing a way for us to move away from DVDs, which were very brittle and easily broken in a child's hands, and into the realm of digital streaming. But since it has come out, I have wanted this one device to do so much more. Sure, you can play music, watch videos, and even *almost* replace cable through Netflix and Hulu Plus, but it's still limited. Here is what I have wanted, and that for which I'm still waiting: Individual Channel Apps: we have them on the iPad, and can, sort of, through the magic of AirPlay Mirroring, show those shows on the Apple TV. But why should we have to do that? Why don't we have channel apps for the Apple TV? Granted, this means that there would need to be an Apple TV App Store, but that's cool with me! Give me something cable Tav can't: the opportunity to have only the channels I want. Gaming: again, with the magic of AirPlay Mirroring, it's possible to, sort of, play games that show up on the TV like a gaming console. But why do I need to do that? With a little imagination, a WiFi game paddle or an iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch controller app, the Apple TV has the potential to be a decent gaming console. New Apple Server Apple moved away from server hardware when they killed first the xServe RAID and then the xServe itself. Since then there has been fearful rumors of a dying Mac Pro, which became the heavy hitting server by Apple, with the Mac Mini being the small office server. Don't get me wrong, I have always loved the Mac Mini as a server, and saw it as one when they were first released, but it would be nice to see Apple move toward a hardware platform that would be welcomed and envied in data centers everywhere. The Mac Mini's technology, which is big computing in a small package, could easily be converted into blade server technology. Add to this an Apple managed virtual environment, like Xen, KVM, and the like, and you have a killer setup that would allow for virtual servers to run within a small space. Linux and Windows, and other *NIX platforms have had this for years, and it's time Apple made the leap. It would reassure the enterprise community that Apple is taking this environment seriously, for those businesses that cannot, or don't want to, trust the "Cloud" to run their businesses. So what about wearable computing, new iOS or OS X updates and design? That doesn't matter to me that much. Mobile computing in the post PC world is still fleshing out, and development of new technology will always be up and coming. Home servers are giving way to the cloud, HTML5 is fleshing out nicely in the World Wide Web, and a watch, glasses, or implants would all be an enhancement. But there is so much opportunity with the current tech Apple has that isn't being properly exploited that I want to be sure, in our rush for the next big thing, that the current things are not left half-complete. The Apple TV is actually a really nice piece of work. And Server on OS X is a great bit of software. But both could be so much more if a little bit more effort were put into it. I hope to see these things show up eventually. In the mean time, I'm looking forward to the updates to iOS 7, and see what's new with OS X 10.9. What would any of you like to see?