Technorati Update: No More Guest Articles

For the past couple years I have had the priviledge of being a guest writer for Technorati.  I've had the pleasure of posting many of my autism specific posts on this site, sharing my points of interest, and generating discussions about autism, techology, therapies, and theories.  It's been a pleasure, as I have learned more about blogging than I would have normally.  But changes at Technorati have slowly limited my posts.  

About six months ago I was informed that Technorati would only accept posts that relate to technology, preferably social media, mobile, etc.  This limited much of what I could share through the medium, as I cover a lot of research and theory as well.  But I adapted to suit the market, and just posted fewer articles.  It was an interesting lesson in market demand, and I was grateful for the experience.  

Then just this week I was notified of a change: Technorati will no longer be accepting articles from guest writers, and will instead only publish articles from staff editors.  While I was disappointed at first, I found this strangely liberating.  I had been sitting on article after article, posts about research, genetic and and otherwise, all because I wanted to be sure to get Technorati articles in first.  But, as I will no longer be writing for Technorati, it's given me the freedom to actively post as needed.  

I'd like to thank the folks at Technorati for the opportunity to learn from their editorial staff.  It's been a great couple of years, and I'm glad I have had the time to work with them all.  I wish them all well, and look forward to reading their articles.